Nylon spunbond fabrics have been used in the manufacturing of premium bedding products for many years. For example, our nylon spunbond fabrics used as mattress pad skirting offers excellent side panel protection for your mattress while providing a strong and durable fabric to withstand the challenges (rigors) of multiple laundry cycles.

Nylon also serves as an excellent support layer for quilt backing. With the strength, uniformity and quietness which our nylon fabrics provide, our products can be easily stitched to a wide array (variety) of materials designed for “top of the bed” comfort.

The Nylon Advantage®

One of the Toughest and most durable man-made polymers

High tensile and tear strength even at low fabric weights

Extreme thermal stability and high melting points

Resistant to most chemicals, solvents, alkalis, and acids

Excellence in uniformity and high quality applications


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About Our Products

Cerex Advanced Fabrics Inc. is focused on developing and producing high quality products and providing world-class service.

We are certified to industry leading quality assurance systems including ISO 9001 and an A2LA certified material testing laboratory and maintain strong technical capabilities throughout the organization.

Our propriety process technology produces highly uniform and very strong nonwoven fabrics.

Spectralon® Type 32110

This fabric has proven to be an excellent choice for providing mattress pad side panel protection. The superior puncture strength and durability of the Spectralon® fabric provides an excellent choice for your most quality driven consumer.

  • Point Bonded Nylon 6,6
  • Fabric Color – White
  • Weight – 1.10 osy / 37.3 gsm
  • Grab Strength – 31.4 Lbs / 139.7 N
  • Burst Strength – 28.0 Lbs / 193.1 kPa
  • Thickness – 11.2 mils / .28 mm

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PBN-II® Type 30040

Lightweight nylon materials are soft and quiet yet maintain their superior strength and durability when used for providing reinforcement and structural support.

  • Point Bonded Nylon 6,6
  • Fabric Color – Natural
  • Weight – .50 osy / 17 gsm
  • Grab Strength – 12 Lbs / 53 N
  • Burst Strength – 13.2 Lbs / 91.0 kPa
  • Thickness – 5.9 mils / .10 mm

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PBN-II® Type 30400

  • Point Bonded Nylon 6,6
  • Fabric Color – Natural
  • Weight – 4.0 osy / 136 gsm
  • Grab Strength – 156.9 Lbs / 698 N
  • Burst Strength – 109.4 PSI / 754.3 kPa
  • Thickness – 22.3 Mils / .60 mm

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Spectralon® Type 38250

If color is a concern, relax we can provide custom colors to fit your needs. Our Spectralon® brand of products provide color where you need it the most.

  • Point Bonded Nylon 6,6
  • Fabric Color – Black
  • Weight – 2.5 osy / 84.8 gsm
  • Grab Strength – 77.1 Lbs / 343 N
  • Burst Strength – 52.0 PSI / 358.5 kPa
  • Thickness – 17.6 Mils / .40 mm

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Our Certifications

Products Certifications

  • Berry Amendment Materials Certification
  • Boeing® Certification
  • Oekotex® Standard 100
  • Flammability Certification (FMVSS302)
  • EPA 40CFR300-15 Sorbent Approval
  • FDA Continuing Letter of Guarantee

Company Certifications

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO/IEC 17025 (A2LA)

Product Stewardship

  • REACH/ECHA SVHC Compliance
  • RoHS Compliance
  • Dodd-Frank Act Compliance
  • CONEG Compliance
  • Prop69 Compliance

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