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Cerex Advanced Fabrics is the world leader in the manufacturing of spunbond nylon fabric.

 Our business strategy is focused on developing value-adding solutions to today’s complex and challenging market demands. As a result, we work very closely with our customers to provide customized care and ensure their success.

Our nylon 6,6 nonwoven fabrics are made with continuous filaments and can be produced with various filament geometries, bonding technologies, and polymer additives to achieve the desired performance within your medical application.

Product Advantages

  • One of the toughest and most durable man-made polymers
  • High tensile and tear strength even a low basis weights
  • Extreme thermal stability and high melting point
  • Resistance to most chemicals, solvents, alkalis and acids
  • Excellent uniformity for high-quality applications
  • Highly Absorbent
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