CEREX Advanced Fabrics, Inc. is the world leader in manufacturing and marketing high quality spunbond nonwoven fabrics made with nylon 6,6 polymer.

For over 50 years, CEREX has provided customers around the world with innovative, engineered nylon 6,6 products that deliver exceptional performance and value. We are a major supplier to a variety of demanding markets including high-quality filtration, automotive safety, specialty medical, protective apparel, and advanced fiber reinforced composites. Our business objective is to deliver solutions for our customers’ most challenging problems and to add value in making their end products the best available in the marketplace. We strive to produce the highest quality spunbond fabrics and demonstrate this through our certification to ISO 9001 and our on-site material testing laboratory certification to ISO/IEC 17025. Our products are also safe for the environment and for human contact and are certified to comply with Okeo-Tex Standard 100, as well as comply with REACH standards.


Our nylon 6,6 fabrics provide superior strength, abrasion resistance, high-temperature performance and exceptional chemical compatibility with a wide range of materials. Our process technology delivers excellent fabric uniformity, allowing customers to use much lighter basis weights and thinner fabrics than competitive nonwoven materials.  In addition, our nylon spunbond fabrics provide an excellent surface for nano-fiber formation without the need for adhesives that can reduce performance and increase production costs. CEREX is also a market leader in providing advanced fabrics that out-perform other materials. Our NyStat™ 50 static dissipative fabric has proven to be one of the most uniform conductive nonwoven fabrics in the marketplace


When Performance Matters……Spunbond Nylon Delivers.

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