Oil Shark® Remediation Fence Fabric proves to be an effective solution when separating oil from water in an oil-in-water emulsion

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The oleophilic and hydrophilic nature of our Oil Shark® Fence Fabric provides an optimal material to separate oil from water in an oil-in-water mixture. This provides first responders with a new material to remediate spilled hydrocarbons and other organic fluids such as crude oil by containing, collecting, and removing these fluids from the environment. This highly versatile and patented containment fence fabric is designed to allow water to filter through the fence while capturing a broad range of petroleum based contaminates.


Recommended Conditions:

Inland waterways, Estuaries, Shoreline conditions where low current and tidal conditions exists.


Benefits of the Oil Shark® Containment Fence

  • Highly Effective on a broad range of emulsified and sheen oil
  • Filters out hidden subsurface contaminates
  • Strong enough to withstand currents, tides and rain events
  • Safe to use in both fresh and salt water conditions
  • Easy to transport, install and maintain
  • Continues to work even when you’re not there; from emergency response to the maintenance phase.

An excellent containment choice for protecting shoreline conditions before the contaminates reach fragile habitats



Submitted by: Albert E. Ortega

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