Nylon 6,6 Spunbond Delivers Uniformity in Filtration When it Matters

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Substrate uniformity has a measurable impact on filter performance.

  • Basis weight variability of 34 gsm spunbond nylon is 64% less than polyester fabrics
  • Thickness variability of nylon fabrics is up to 90% less variable than polyester
  • Air permeability variability is at least 46% less for nylon spunbond than polyester
  • Indices show 34 gsm nylon spunbond is at least twice as uniform as polyester
  • The variance of the efficiency of nanofiber with a nylon substrate is 75% lower
  • Increase consistency in filter media performance in nanofiber, melt blown and membrane casting production
  • Minimize downstream fiber migration, contaminate shedding and channeling in dynamic flow applications
  • Provides more consistent protection against burst failures during system pulsations and better media protection during pleating
  • Combined with nylon’s greater strength, temperature and chemical resistance enables high performance advanced media designs

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